Marcel Pequel

With a stark layer of minimal classicism piercing the veil of thought, Marcel Pequel echoes traces of sonic wizards such…

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12 Months 2010 - Album

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mxgnrtnx02 Sep 30, 2017

I used your song on my first time-lapse video on youtube! I of course gave credit and provided links.

7829 Apr 28, 2012

Amazing- absolutely amazing. Will definitely be contacting you soon with a few ideas.

headphonica Jun 20, 2011

btw. the music is available in FLAC (& even ogg vorbis) at :)

Ma3c210 Jun 07, 2011

Hello! My name is Marco, i am from Barcelona. I am doing a master in Documentary Film Making at Autonomous University of Barcelona. Me and my group project were looking for a music to put in our documentary and we...