Lobo Loco

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Website: www.musikbrause.de

Favorite Instruments: Piano, E-Organ, Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bluesharph, Synthesizer

Musical Background: Playing allways without notes ;-)

- 1987 came autodidactically the Western guitar with in the program. There with my first band Satyr I then also played electric guitar.

- 1990, while studying geology, I began to record my own songs and making the first Jam sessions with my friend Jogabär. In the following time the blues harph playling was added.

- 2011 the Hippie House Jam Band (Funk & Soul) was founded and I learned to play Hammond organ and bass guitar.
This was followed by more joint band projects with my friend the singer and songwriter Kielicaster (Kielobot, Mushroom Funghi, Kielokaz, Krude Mischung).

- 2015, the Sandsofa Studios were set up above my garage. Since then all my solo productions are recorded, mixed and mastered there. (Also building up more studio equipment f.e. all synth modules from the Roland JV series)

- The jazz, funk, soul and krautrock band Checkie Brown was newly founded
by Kielicaster and me, has been around since 2018. Here I mainly playing the keyboard instruments and bass guitar every now and then.