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 Lobo Loco (61 Albums, 783 Tracks)


LOCATION:D-73035 Göppingen, Germany
ACTIVE:1989 - 2017
  • Lobo Loco (Wolf Schweizer-Gerth)
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Lobo Loco (Wolf Schweizer-Gerth) (born February 26, 1968) … is a german musician and producer. Composed and produced over 1500 pieces of music from him and his bands and made them avaliable under a Creative Commons (by-nc-nd) license. This licensing options allow anyone to use his music in non-commercial projects
for free as long as he recieves credits. His music is beeing used in thousands of podcasts and films all over the world and many of commercial or public cooperation projects. Some of them are shown on television, channel PBS KVIE as the Made in the Shade documentary (by Phil D'Asaro) about the Tree Foundation project in Sacramento (with over 16 tracks) or SWR - Marktcheck So finde ich das perfekte Sofa with his first popular song Sofa Sofa Sofa. Actual Bands: Checkie Brown - KieLoKaz Music distribution: Lobo Loco decided to release his music under Creative Commons (by-nc-nd) license in order to have a great number and contacts of people who can listen and use his music. Actually all titles are registered and released over,,,,,, and his own platform where he offer licenses for commercial use.

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