Lobo Loco

Favorite Instruments: Piano, E-Organ, Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bluesharph, Synthesizer Record Method: Overdubbing ;-) Musical Background: Financed by my…

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anna_everson May 28, 2019

Good Job! Keep it on!

Sandsofa Studios Apr 07, 2018

Dear Finding My Voice, thank you very much for your quests and the interest in my music. Gladly you can use it, for your non-commercial, non-profit and helpful podcast, for free. For credits please use: "Songtitle" - Lobo Loco www.musikbrause.de...

Finding My Voice Apr 07, 2018

Loving your music, so moving. I am new to this site, is it okay to use your tracks from here in my new podcast, to support people with self-esteem issues? Also I am setting up a new voluntary radio station...

multaqa Feb 22, 2018