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 Little Howlin' Wolf (2 Albums, 13 Tracks)


Contrary to what his name might conjure up in one's mind, Little Howlin' Wolf is indeed James Pobiega, a 6'9" Polish fellow from the South Side of Chicago whose past activities have included being a bounty hunter, secret agent, diving instructor, and kids' pirate entertainer. As a street musician, he also has created a body of free-flowing music from another planet ranging from demented voodoo-blues, junkyard calypso, fractured free-gospel and other uncategorizable sound forms that call to mind the greatest moments of Abner Jay, Albert Ayler, and Don Van Vliet. He opened the floodgates with a stunning pile of 7"s
and LPs through the late 1970's and 80's that are being compiled today by the likes of Baltimore fans Nautical Almanac and Ehse Records. (-by Brian Turner