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What is Learning Music Monthly?
Learning Music Monthly is a collaborative, subscription-based album-a-month series. As a subscriber, you receive a brand new full-length album of original music every month. You can choose to receive your monthly issues on CD (delivered to your mailbox in beautiful handmade packaging, with cover art by a different artist each issue), or in downloadable high-quality mp3 format. Subscribers also receive unlimited access to our online archive of music, including a newly re-mastered album from the original twelve Learning Music albums released each month. Additionally, you are invited to collaborate in the creation of Learning Music Monthly, with remixes, covers, and sound donations, regardless of whether you are a subscriber or not.
What is Learning Music?
Learning Music began as a collaborative album-a-month project. Started in November 2006 by John Wood (keyboardist for Inara George, Sebastien Tellier, Mike Andrews, Kelly Osbourne, Anni Rossi, etc.), the series included an album recorded entirely on handheld cassette recorder, a collection of music videos, an autobiographical musical written by a robot, and dozens of homemade electro-acoustic folk-pop anthems.
Twelve months and twelve albums later, Wood decided it was time to get out of the house. Inspired by the early works of Terry Riley, the Talking Heads, Storm & Stress, and Woody Guthrie, Learning Music became a live band, which has included as little as four to as many as twenty musicians at one time (usually averaging around fifteen people).
One year after the original series concluded, having established the band with two month-long residencies in Los Angeles and a handful of other performances, the album-a-month schedule now resumes.