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 Laura Jorgensen (1 Albums, 3 Tracks)


Born amongst the damp evergreens of the Pacific Northwest with a restless wandering soul, Laura Jorgensen calls upon the far corners of our world and the very edges of our hearts to tell the stories that must be told - of trees falling, of spirits communing, of what cannot be
real but is and of what is not real but could be. Her voice and music draw comparisons with influential musicians Joanna Newsom, Beirut, Sufjan Stevens, and Kate Bush - among others - but are also shaped by a choral background and the unique experience of studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Nakas Conservatory of Athens, Greece.  Laura's debut album Feathered Arms was released in July 2010 and three of its songs have been recognized by the International Acoustic Music Awards.* Her next EP, Home, consists of the last 3 songs recorded with her Boston-based band and was released in June 2012.  (via, Dec 2012, read more)



Artwork by Axl Souetre