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Yosemite Sam and the Mechanical Man by Kirk Pearson

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Producer: Kirk Pearson
Engineer: Kirk Pearson
I have lived in many states throughout my life. New York, California, Denial, Panic, and most recently, Ohio.  Ohio is a great state. It is also a very flat state. "Monocot Down" is an Ohio product, much like tires and corn, only less versatile and probably less tasty. It's a collection of songs about travel, culture, geography, and sex. This EP gives you a complete Ohio experience, minus the people, landscape, sights, sounds and pretty much everything else about the state of Ohio.  So why is this music worth your time? Because it's good, collaborative work. You see, most bands
today feature four people. Sometimes even less. This made us angry. But instead of cursing the world, we decided to do something productive. "Monocot Down" is a collaborative album of over eighteen musicians. And this is why our EP is better.  Every download, as always, is backed with the pledge: "A free EP. Satisfaction guaranteed. Or your money back."



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