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Wai Wai Wai by Kingstux

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Producer: Kingstux
Kingstux released his first track through Planet Terror on our second label showcase compilation back in 2009, the marvellous 'Queen Qlockx'. Since then he has put out his debut album Flex Nebulae on Xtraplex Records and two additional EPs on Planet Terror, Watch The Stars and Geeks & Parasites, among many other bits and pieces.The Illusion is Worth Fighting For is his second full-length release, and for our money his best so far. Refining his own unique brand of electronic eclecticism, the record fuses colourful synths, deep and fuzzy basslines, madcap drum programming and an experimental melodic sensibility that stands
out from the crowd. 'L'atterrissage' could be taken straight from Mr Oizo's second album, 'Space Love' reaches euphoric heights, Earthquake Steppers brings in a welcome dose of digi dub, and 'Queen Qlockx' gets re-treated with finesse. A welcome pre-Christmas release.



12. Kingstux - Wai Wai Wai 00:03:49

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