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Los Mineros by King Ghidorah!

Album Description

Kabala cassette cover
Kabala cassette cover
Producer: William Hellfire
Engineer: William Hellfire
King Ghidorah! – Kabala (actually spelled 'Kabbalah' but...) Recorded in 1995 on taskam 424 cassette 4 tk. with generic Sam Ash microphones.  Drums and bass recorded live and mic’ed,  plus guitar ‘live in the room’ unmic’ed adding to the phasing.  Guitars and vocals overdubbed.  No compression. No direct lines. Star 80 (Explicit) Inspired by the The Dorothy Stratton story and the sleazy film but the same title; as told from the point of view of the Eric Roberts in all of us.  Road Driver My uncle was a truck driver, lost his legs from gang green one above the knee
one below.  He was a real creep.  Song inspired by road trips and handfuls of eye popping white cross.  King Ghidorah!’s homage to dub music production.  Rod Ride Out White gangster rock.  A suite two sizes too big, an imaginary gun and no place to go Beach Comber Horror beach party in a sleepy green town.  Shit talkin' gossips under foot. Oh, and remember that Cartoon with the guy sitting on the beach combing it with a black hair comb? Los Mineros Black Lung's triumph, a coal miner’s lament.  Ode to Grampa Gordon. See Real Blood Song title pulled from an article on fresh snake bile energy breakfast drinks served up in Japan.  lyrics, the shape of things to come, end times preaching from a screeching microphone; wishing for the apocalypse so I don't have to go to work no more.   Creepy opening inspired by seeing friends get ‘THE FEAR’ while screening Evil Dead in the dark boondocks of Ringwood, NJ! Opening recorded at high speed then slowed down for creepy EVIL DEAD or 'hell hounds on ma trail' atmosphere, then at the zero second, popped the machine up to proper speed and popped on the guitar tracks.  Scared the touring bass player for Croatan out of his chair!  Guitar, Vocal - William Hellfire Bass - Tim Ryan Percussion - Matt Icklan (lyrics on Los Mineros) Engineered - William Hellfire SLR HQ on XL2S Maxell cassette tape. Severed Lips Recordings 1995



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