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Beware! Vision Vol 8: Keshco Hard Levitation 23/11/13 front cover
Beware! Vision Vol 8: Keshco Hard Levitation 23/11/13 front cover
At last - a final bunch of tracks from our clock-busting November 2013 home concert, aired to almost dozens online, and now extensively edited and available to sit on your hard drive for years. Here we have several of our pop hits interspersed with soundscapes and improvised jingles. Some of these are instrumentals, which may be useful to our usual crowd of film-makers eager for fresh incidental tunes. These are indicated below. Introduction To Hard Levitation - (instrumental) A swirly sinister little ident. Mind control - mi-mi-mind control. c o n  t  r   o   l    . Prickly Ascent - (instrumental)
Focus on a spot two inches above the carpet. Then bristle. Hauntology organ, good for a theme or timelapse. Wiped - A song of loss. The original is on 2011's "Futile Peace Offering". Twirl Into Insanity - (instrumental) Precise calculating downbeat organ. Son Of A Systems Engineer Manager - Bitter employee dreams of escape. The original is on 2010's "Accountants By Day". Hammond Horror - (instrumental) A series of unsettling chords, maybe good for your spooky film. She Knows Disco - This features an extended instrumental intro, or preamble, before settling into the disco lurve. Groovy baby. The original is on 2010's "Double Deadly". Jap Rock Go! - Let's fight! Fast joyful visceral thrills. The original is on 2013's "The Blood, The Horror". The Devil's Earlobe - (instrumental) Throbbing reversed sine-wave textures. Architecture Weekly - Song about gentrification. The original is on 2011's "Futile Peace Offering". P45 - (instrumental) Minimal electric piano interlude. Use this for something anticlimactic. Drummer's Bum - Bob warns us about this dangerous condition. Botanical Gardens - (instrumental) Pastoral electric piano duet. Zoetrope - The warmth of childhood toys. The original is on 2002's "Saplings Of Sop". John The Carpenter - (instrumental) Insistent yet understated electric piano duet, good for a drama. The Joy Of Memory - (instrumental) Uptempo backwards organ. I'm imagining happy automatons. Task - Poptastic fun. The original is on 2009's "Deforestation Of Dak". I Almost Died - Sinister computer returns to life, sputtering and glitching. The original is on 2009's "Deforestation Of Dak". It's Got A Name - (instrumental) A nice set of chordal runs, still not captured officially. End Of The Swish - (instrumental) Pleasant tuneful memory organ. Seaside Spectre Outro - (instrumental) Cyclical organ gets progressively bigger and more distorted. Plush Organ Ending - (instrumental) Brief flurry of chords. This might do for an ident or break bumper. credits released January 8, 2017 Written and played by Andy Brain, Bob Follen, Luke Sample and Ines Boente Assisted in the studio by Caroline Vile and Simon Waldram



03. Keshco - Wiped 00:03:34

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