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the light always comes too late by Kecap Tuyul

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Kecap Tuyul
Kecap Tuyul
Kecap Tuyul
Producer: Kecap Tuyul
Engineer: Kecap Tuyul
This solo album of Kecap Tuyul is his first completely acoustic one. It was mostly improvised and recorded during the last week of the rainy month of April 2012, but some tracks are based on old steel-strings guitar improvisations that were recorded between 2009 and 2010 and were supposed to be used in his band Pura Sombar (until being forgotten, found again and overdubbed...) It was originally published September 8, 2012 by netlabel Webbed Hand Credits : Kecap Tuyul : acoustic guitars, voice, flute, artwork Also available in lossless format (flac) from artist's page If interested for
commercial use, please get in touch, we can change the license and find a deal.



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