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Texas Tea for the Tillerson by Kathleen Martin

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Producer: Kathleen Martin
Engineer: Kathleen Martin I had recorded the main special effects heard in this very unsweet suite because of how particularly gross a product re-purposing task sounded several weeks ago. I found these January 3rd recordings a fitting end to some bottle contents as well as to 2016. (Good riddance, pfpfpfpffffft! :) Only after the fact did I construct a suitable setting for them here.  The titles, cover designs and composition ideas connected for me rather simultaneously and, as usual, my husband has rendered my visual concepts so well. Kiitos, Sweetos!  I'm perfectly aware this is cheap, low-brow humor, but it felt cathartic
to put this 4-1/2 minute total package together. Perhaps it will amuse a few who have made it this far.  XOX



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Some older listeners will recognize that the title and cover art idea for this #2 movement (ahem) is a revision of Cat Stevens' "Tea for the Tillerman" LP. Above synthesized strains of his "Sad Lisa," you can hear strains of a different sort—a toot-a-toot dialogue between John and Don with Vlad pootin' his two rubles in now and then—along with sundry background sounds associated with the brewing of Texas Tea.
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