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Busier-than-thou-Blues (ft Ian Tait) by Kathleen Martin

Album Description

Producer: Kathleen Martin
Engineer: Kathleen Martin
Ironically the people this piece is inspired by will never hear it because, of course, they're far too busy to push play. :) The religious community has its share of holier-than-thou, self-righteous hypocrites, but the secular set has its own version of puffed-up self-importance as well: the busier-than-thou folks. You know the type, traveling on a 1-way road fueled by superego. You do for them and even do it again and again, but mostly they're too busy to spare you a moment claiming they can't find the time when, as we all know, they'll easily make time for what matters
to them (video games, tweeting and texting ad infinitum). Always *implied* when you're told "I know you did but sorry, I haven't got time to reciprocate" are: "You just don't matter that much," and "How lucky you're idle enough to find time for me"—your courtesy and effort taken for granted and brushed off with the same lame excuse of "super-industry" as they slap you on both cheeks at once. How cheeky of them! Well, a musical influence here, Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic" asks, "Where did you get those shoes?" B-t-t Blues responds, if the sneaker fits, make like Nike and just do it! If the penny loafer fits, spare the dime and do the time! ☼;) As always, I thank you greatly for *your* time in listening and reading this far!  ♥ [find lyrics at ]



Track Info

Ian Tait of Edinburgh, Scotland, provides his electric guitar licks on
this 4th "guest all-star" version of my September 2015 blues piece.
For Ian's other fine and funky sounds, self-described as "From Reggae to Heavy Rock via Blues," click here:
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Busier-than-thou-Blues (ft Ian Tait) by Kathleen Martin is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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© Kathleen Martin
COMPOSER: Kathleen Martin
LYRICIST: Kathleen Martin