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Love Draws Blood by Jitney

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Cover Art by Jason Frederick
Cover Art by Jason Frederick
A busted leg, a year plus recovering and two years driving a taxicab came between Casey Meehan’s Violet and his new project Jitney. Kind faces, cruel faces, always going somewhere, were the wildflower seeds planted in the cracked leather backseat that grew into these songs. 6pm to 6am, 6 nights becoming dawns each week, with chauffeur license 86-300 taped to the dash. All those charcoal mornings, and the half-heard stories couched in the cacophony of city-din became this collection of songs that jump and buzz like missed connections. I got a couple rides from him and must admit the city
is safer with him behind the microphone than behind the wheel.Produced by Matt DeWine.Written, arranged, and performed by Casey Meehan (except where noted).Recorded and mixed by Matt DeWine at Pieholden Suite Sound, Urbana, Il (except where noted). Mastered, sequenced, and edited by Jonathan Pines, with Matt DeWine at Private Studios, Urbana, Il. Dizzy Spells and Tricky Be recorded by Kris Poulin at Electrical Audio and Semaphore Recording Studio Chicago, Il. Bass on Fin by David Vandervelde. Bass on Butterfly Knife by Nick Meiers. Drums on Butterfly Knife and Love Draws Blood by Jim Duffy. Drums on Dizzy Spells and Tricky Be by Mark Benson. Drums on Twilight, Twilight Laser Battle, Long Time Coming and Coda by Kaanan Tupper.



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