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Griot and the Family by Jalikebba Kuyateh and the Toubabs

Album Description

Hailing from different nations, The Toubabs present a CD featuring the African kora and incorporating elements of Swedish folk music and the Indian tabla. Two members of the group, Jalikebba and Haruna were born into griot families. Griots [ /grēˈō/ ] are a social caste who perform traditional music and poetry, jaliyaa, carrying on the oral tradition from antiquity. Tommy is an Austrian performer and composer who specializes in the Indian tabla and other percussive instruments. Violinist Sandra and vocalist Kasja are both Swedes. Jalikebba Kuyateh was born and raised in Gambia, and is a skilled kora player who has
performed with many groups in Africa. He is in demand for festivals, weddings, and ceremonies. He also teaches music workshops both at the museum and abroad. Currently, Jalikebba is the lead performer at the Tanji Village Museum in Tanji, Gambia.  The museum presents and preserves the traditional culture and the natural history of Gambia. These tunes were recorded live at the Tanji Village Museum, January 29, 2005. -- Katya Oddio  



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