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Picaro Obscuro by J Hacha De Zola

Album Description

Picaro Obscuro

Music/words by J Hacha de Zola Engineered: Jerry Ramos & Thomas LucyMixed/mastered: Jerry Ramos Recorded at Mercury Recording Studios (Rahway, NJ) and The Troy Boiler Room (Portland, Oregon) during the spring of 2016.Release - August 12, 2016

Special thanks to all of the following:Jerry Ramos, Hank Yaghooti, Geoff Gibbs, Thomas Lucy, Stefan Zeniuk, Joe Exley, Lubomir Smilenov, Dane Johnson, Ralph Huntley, Alex Wolfson, Gary Lappier, Matt Dallow, Josh Irizarry, Chance Flato, Miguel Peralta, and Gary Count Kellam.

Very Special thanks to Ralph Carney and David Coulter for joining us on these sessions!

I would also like to thank all my friends and family for putting up with all my shit during this process....

My eternal gratitude, love and respect to you all!




Picaro Obscuro
01. A curious thing (03:15)
02. Bad Fiction (03:54)
03. Bubble gum (03:02)
04. In curtains (03:56)
06. Picaro Obscuro (03:36)
07. Black water (03:02)
08. Taking names (02:20)
09. On your own (03:45)
10. Dead end street (03:31)
11. Tears of summer (04:47)

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