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 J Hacha De Zola (5 Albums, 51 Tracks)


LOCATION:New Jersey, USA Jersey City
  • J Hacha De Zola- vox, guitars
  • Jerry Ramos- bass, mellotron, percussion, drums
  • Ralph Carney- Multiple instruments
  • Frank London - Trumpet, Flugel horn
  • Dana Colley - Bari/tenor sax
  • Alex Wolfson- Harp
  • Stefan Zeniuk- tenor/bari/soprano saxes, clarinet, contrabass
  • Joe Exley- tuba
  • Matt Dallow- accordion, glockenspiel, jaw-harp
  • Joshua Irizarry- trumpet
  • Vinny Nobile- trombone
  • David Coulter - violin, jaw harp, percussion.
CMJ- "Like a lounge lizard weaned on Primus, J Hacha De Zola cranks and curdles and clomps around his slithery croon tunes. "Songwriting Magazine (UK)- "The music of New Jersey native J Hacha De Zola stalks the periphery of society, the dark corners where slippery characters meet and down-and-outs go to drown their sorrows." MAGNET Magazine - "Delightful theatrics.” Stereo Embers Magazine-"“A wobbly and battered desolation that brings to mind Mark Lanegan fronting The Doors. It’s stunning stuff.” SLUG Mag- "Not since The Hold Steady 'Separation Sunday' has a concept album provided both emotional depth and entertainment." Utne Reader- "One
could be forgiven for assuming J. Hacha de Zola is a transient, back alley carnival showman followed through town by a band of tangle-haired misfits. The kind of alluring character found in old children’s books." “The main influence is that of Tom Waits. But if Zola has influences, he also has talent.” - VOIR “To say that De Zola’s creative process and musical style are unique is an understatement.” -SLUG “A twisted, dystopian narrative straight from the mind of John Carpenter.” – ELMORE “Visonary” - BLURT

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