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Alexandor Caldor by Invaders From Sears

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Invaders From Sears - Reasons To Buy Cheese
Invaders From Sears - Reasons To Buy Cheese
Producer: Invaders From Sears
Engineer: Mr. Morton Thiokol
Invaders From Sears' sophomore release explores dreamlike soundtracks and acid trip noisescapes. Thick Anso Nylon Plush - Really big flexible soup ladles, cornish game hen replicas, and lead electric platform tennis courts. Pope XYZ Armadillo Mk II Deluxe - Fiberglas post office trolleys and rythm political adjustments. Mr. Marilyn Chambers - Acoustic social disturbances.Thalidomide & The One-Armed Mogoloids - guest musicans on Track 8 Originally released 1988 on cassette by odi-musix, Darien CT. engineered by Mr. Morton Thiokol at Asbestos Deathtrap Studios, Darien, CT. "Reasons To Buy Cheese" title suggested by Kevin Bunce


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