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Rebound from the cliff by Ignatz

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Ignatz Cover
Ignatz Cover
Improvisation and spontaneity are two basic statements within Ignatz\\\' musical universe. The final recording of a song is for Devens the end of a musical journey. Once the song is on tape, he erases the sampler that he uses for the effects what makes it unable for him to play
it in the future. Everything is recorded in one take, so that nothing from the spirit of the moment will be lost. Structured songs and prepared pieces don\\\'t exist. Songs are build up while played and every time the next sound is a reaction to the previous one. Ignatz is the first cd of Bram Devens and is a compilation of songs that he recorded over the past year. The only instruments used are a guitar, effects, a sampler and Devens\' his voice. The result is a simple but extra-ordinary sound that takes your breath. Ignatz\' music stands for freedom, toughness, melancholy and foolishness.-Kraak



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