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Released 05/17/2009
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A self-taught musician. Start playing electric bass in 1979 in rock bands such as: Spray; Mandrax; Aix-la-Chapelle; Farinha Master; Cafe Bagdad and K4 Quadrado Azul (wins the national contest from Instituto Português da Juventude/New Culture Values in 1988). Work with theatre company "O Olho" in the play "El - Levando-os aos Ombros em Passo de Marcha Sincopada ao Quarto Tempo (Honor Mention from the award Maria Helena Perdigão, ACARTE, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1992). Since 1990 change to the doublebass and concentrated only in improvised music, free jazz and electro acoustic.NEW PROJECT COMING ON JANUARY 2008 RED trio with Rodrigo Pinheiro_piano and Gabriel Ferrandini_drumsColaborations: Variable Geometry Orchestra directed by Ernesto Rodrigues/Rodrigo Amado/ Rafael Toral Space Trio/Anisotropus/A Parte Maldita/Gail Brand/Bryan Eubanks/Jon Raskins/Wade Matthews/Bechir Saade/Neil Davidson/Carl Ludwig Hubsch/Heddy Boubaker/Nusch Werchowska/Mathias Pontévia/Mathieu Wechowski/ Katsura Yamauchi/Mats Gustafsson/Matt Bauder/Taylor Ho Bynum/Virginia Genta/David Vanzan/Chris Corsano and Nikolaus Gerszewski.Discography:K4 Quadrado Azul "K4 Quadrado Azul [Mini Lp, 1990]Feedback 001 (Two tracks with K4 Quadrado Azul) [Lp, 1990]Johnny Guitar Ao Vivo (One track with Cafe Bagdad) [Cd, Johnny Rec 1995]100% Antena3 (One track with Cafe Bagdad) [Cd, Música Alternativa,1995]Collection d'Univers Spontanés - (One track with VGO live at the Bomba Suicida" [Cd Insubordinations, 2006]Potlatch "The Rrose Sélavy Show" [Cd Insubordinations, 2007]Variable Geometry Orchestra "Stills" [Cd, Creative Sources, 2007]Sonic Scope 2008 "Live At Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa - (One track with RED trio [Cd, Grain of Sound 22]Contact:http://www.myspace.com/hernanifaustino

Instrumental Yes