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 Half Japanese (2 Albums, 29 Tracks)


  • David and Jad Fair
  • Mark Jickling
  • John Moreman
  • Rick and John Dreyfuss
Half Japanese is a lo-fi indie rock band formed by brothers Jad Fair and David Fair in their Uniontown, Maryland bedroom around 1975 - 1977. Like The Shaggs, the Fair brothers were self-taught and thoroughly unconventional musicians; their early raw, unvarnished sound careened between naïvely amateurish-sounding canoodling and avant-garde experimentation. Their quirky song lyrics often deal with monsters and the supernatural (especially as influenced by campy “creature feature” and scifi movies), in addition to more conventional themes, such as the visceral thrills of crushes and infatuations. They have stated that all their songs are either “love songs or monster songs.”