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Trasversal by Ghobi

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Producer: ghobi
Engineer: Simone Giorgi Downtown Studios
The "Wollstonecraft / Stele" project is a split within Ghobi itself, originating from works on improvisational and transversal material, where horn color most of the tracks creating atmospheres which can be dark and then turn into airier stanzas. The project is the result of transversal listenings that inevitably had a significant impact on the sounds and structures of the tracks. The recording is rather lo-fi by choice, bringing out the specific and living atmospheres of the parts which recorded live, and this would have otherwise meant losing its true nature. The project is divided ideologically into two parts: Wollstonecraft (more
airy) and Stele (darker). We can't forget to mention the vocal contribution on some occasions (on the tracks Julian date, Volgo, Eleven Days...) by Anna with whom we have active a collaborative project/ensemble named Wollstonecraft Air. Il progetto "Wollstonecraft / Stele" è uno split di Ghobi, ossia esso nasce da lavori su materiale improvvisativo e trasversale, dove il corno colora gran parte delle tracce dando atmosfere ora cupe ora più ariose. Il progetto è frutto di ascolti trasversali che inevitabilmente hanno inciso notevolmente sui suoni e sulle strutture... more credits released October 30, 2020 Ghobi are : Lele: guitars , effects, French horn Giro: bass, effects Palla: drums, percussions credits



04. Ghobi - Trasversal 00:02:46

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