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Dead Vanity (Feat Vanity Puppet) by Filmy Ghost (Sábila Orbe)

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Filmy Ghost compilation with some witch experimental tracks from 2018 and Begin 2019. all Filmy Ghost music on:  updates:   Originally these tracks are from: Lóbrega (2018 Compilation) and Demonology (EP) (2019) Filmy Ghost is a dark experimental, electronic, atmospheric project from Rancagua, Chile. Created by Sábila Orbe.    All tracks mixed & created, cover artwork by Sábila Orbe.(except track 8) / model on the cover artwork: Wataame Hazuki.  track 1 & 3 featuring Levanah in vocals. track 2 feauturing Vanity Pupper in vocals. track 6 created in collaboration with EvɇrSeenΔ Ghøstbɇfoɍe  track 7 remix of original track Apartment by


Dead Vanity (Feat Vanity Puppet) by Filmy Ghost (Sábila Orbe) is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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