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No Pepsi in Kabul by F/i

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F/i - A Question for the Somnambulist
F/i - A Question for the Somnambulist
Along with Die Kreuzen, Boy Dirt Car and sister band Vocokesh, Milwaukee psychedelic rock-and-sound legends F/i spawned a space-rock scene in the 80's unlike any other around. By harnessing the ghosts of Hawkwind and Blue Cheer, extracting the German avant rock scene from the early 1970's as defined by Guru Guru, Ash Ra Tempel and Agitation Free, and sifting it through industrial sounds and analog electronics, over time it has become evident that F/i have quietly influenced a whole new generation of exploratory instrumental freakers. Originally issued in a miniscule run in 2003, A Question For The Somnambulist traverses dark
and hazy landscapes, hypnotic textures laced with electronics and exploratory guitar riffs dripping with effects. A mini event in its own right, A Question for the Somnambulist marks the return of original member Richard Franecki, who left in 1990 to pursue the way-out trajectories that his band Vocokesh continue to explore. Resuscitated from the annals of uber-obscurity for another suckerpunch to your third eye, this reissue includes one bonus track from the sessions and comes in a limited edition of 1000 housed in a deluxe letterpressed paperboard package.-Strange Attractors



06. F/i - No Pepsi in Kabul 00:05:29

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