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 Fanas (1 Albums, 21 Tracks)


Fanas was born in a town on the shore of the Danube, where his mother, the ‘poetess’, was the first to wake his interest for art. Inspired bythe simple Romanian folk music, made on the streets, and then by African rhythms, funk and jazz, Fanas began creating his own musicsearching
for a style that would define him. Paying attention to composition and rhythm, he has exercised his virtuosity by playing onthe MPC, a sampling toy which he managed to maneuver polivalently, using his hands and feet. In his artistic CV, Fanas has 4 albums released so far, 3 solo albums and 1 with his hip-hop crew Beatehas (where he has collaborated with two legendary figures of the American hip-hop: Percee P and Brand Nubian’s Sadat X). As a constant to his esthetics, Fanas means Fanas contagious grooves: jazz-funk that now mingles with the club vide of electro.



Or Up We Fall [LCL08]
01. Fanas - Intro 00:01:23
02. Fanas - Get Together 00:04:48
03. Fanas - Mecanique 00:03:04
04. Fanas - Good Ol’ Love 00:04:11
05. Fanas - Sunshine 00:02:46
06. Fanas - Do you vibrate? 00:03:38
07. Fanas - Whereabouts 00:03:02
08. Fanas - Or up we fall 00:03:14
10. Fanas - Love it 00:02:58
11. Fanas - The tavern story 00:02:34
12. Fanas - 80’s interlude 00:03:41
13. Fanas - Sofine 00:03:11
14. Fanas - Solitary beat 00:04:49
15. Fanas - Finger lickin’ 00:02:02
17. Fanas - Flicker 00:04:18
19. Fanas - In the movement 00:03:01
20. Fanas - Will clap 00:03:49