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Sticky White Glue Part 1 by Ergo Phizmiz

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The first release in the Collected Radio Works by Ergo Phizmiz, spanning over 30 hours of experimental radio across sound-collage, spoken-word & radioplays, large-scale instrumental compositions, songs, ambient & furniture music, musique-concrete, installations, and sound-poetry, produced between 2000-2008. "Ergo Phizmiz's Sticky White Glue, a twelve-part series of sound montages--voices, music, and plunderphonic juxtapositions of the two--reminds us why radio has been described as "schizophonic," packing more disembodied sounds and voices than the ear can process" - Artforum magazine This series "Sticky White Glue" first aired 2003-2004 on Resonance FM, London, and was repeated 2009 on Soundart Radio, Dartington. Segments of
the pieces were also broadcast by Kenny G on WFMU. It is a fanciful play-around with the juxtapositions of instruments & voices with sampling and digital composition, and features as its main protagonists Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Composed, Performed, Edited, & Produced by Ergo Phizmiz With contributions from Erik Bumbledonk, Martha Moopette, The Travelling Mongoose, Ion Katphlap, Nayana Rose Retrospectively dedicated to Vicki Bennett, who kind of catalysed it Also dedicated to MC Hammer, who grew like a courgette in the middle of it and to Russ Abbot, a childhood hero, who banned his own "Atmosphere" single! Why why, Russ, why? Special mention should also be given to the glorious Bella Emberg and to Laurel & Hardy and, finally, to Kate, a lovely lass who had to live with this bloody music for nigh on two years



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