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Orpheus Tickled by Ergo Phizmiz

Album Description

Ergo Phizmiz presents IDIOT, a new album of skewiff compositions and fractured sound-collages, created between 2011-2013.    "Salt" is the result of over-exposure to a very political artist's penis, created with Elvis Herod. Although it wasn't Elvis Herod's penis I was overexposed to, rather Herod shared in the exposure to the aforementioned penis.   "Pianola With Headache" is just that.   "Sand Dune Dances" are a woozy dream of a sand-dune landscape in a snow-globe.   "The Voice of Terror" is a Sherlock Holmes nuclear adventure.   "Little Gagarin's First Rocket" tells you just how excited baby Yuri was.   "Ornidisco" where the dickybirds get their
rocks off.   "Pontin's Masturbatory Reverie" for two brothers.   "Doll War" a miniature battle rages.   "Warsaw Encounter", when brought to visit a very interesting fellow indeed.   "Night on the Town". Superfunk.   "Hassan Disco" i Sabbah knows how to throw shapes.   "The Happiest Birdy". A lullaby for domesticated animals.   "Orpheus Tickled". Any why not?   "Magador". A writhing harem.   "The Larks". Upsidedownism and music-boxes, variations on a Hungarian folk song.   "Dummkopf". Idiot march.   "Ragbone". The love of rattling and bone shattering.     "Bee Quiet" a jive in the hive.



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