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 Eleven Twenty-Nine (4 Albums, 4 Tracks)


Eleven Twenty-Nine is Tom Carter & Marc Orleans with John Truscinski and Steve Gunn
  • Tom Carter & Marc Orleans
Eleven Twenty-Nine lays down a devilish pact of pulsating, impressionistic sound keeping one foot solidly in the soul and depth of blues while the other is planted firmly in an enigmatic free improv rock.   Eleven Twenty-Nine has an LP/CD release available on Northern-Spy Records, and a single and forthcoming LP A Tithe to Hell on Drawing Room Records. Tom Carter has been a blues-damaged guitarist of extraordinary magnitude and magnanimous extremes. In addition to his solo work and Eleven Twenty-Nine, Carter remains an active co-creator of the Texas homebrew psych pioneers Charalambides and curator of his own label, Wholly-Other. Free-form
psych veteran Marc Orleans has been the secret weapon behind some of the heaviest mumbo jumbo and dusted American cosmic-craziness to come out in the last decade and a half.  Marc pioneered his twisted lines with Juneau, Enos Slaughter and the Sunburned Hand of the Man back at the end of the 20th century.  Now, residing in Brooklyn, he plays steel guitar ninety hours a week. As well as with Eleven Twenty-Nine, Marc is an active member of the Acid Twangers, D. Charles Speer and the Helix and has appeared on N-Spy’s Colin Langenus’s latest record as well as Steve Gunn’s Borum Palace.   He also just finished steel guitar work on Meg Baird’s upcoming Drag City release.