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Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland, United KingdomEl Jugador are a 4-piece alternative rock band with a cowboy punk edge. They formed in 1999 as a project jam band attempting to mix funk with country and hip-hop. It was just Sir Fred and Jeff back then. Sir Fred was the main songwriter and front man to the band. Jeff was the inspiration collector. The midnight jam sessions were the beginnings of El Jugador's first album 'Operation Immigration', a strange but interesting mix of El Jugador's varied taste. Soon after recording the album, El Jugador took to the road playing random gigs.
In the summer of 2002 Sir Fred relocated to Toronto, Canada to soak up the city and search for inspiration... He returned a year later with a different attitude and take on music. The band was reformed with two new female members: Kit Kat on bass and Sticks 'n Stones on drums. Jeff took a bigger role in the band as lead guitarist and backing vocalist.
It was decided that El Jugador would become a more aggressive rock band and Sir Fred followed his fantastical thoughts into the unknown roots of the music. There was more of a cowboy feel to the beat; a dirty blues sound to the guitars and the vocals had a lot more presence. El Jugador have played a number of gigs over the last few months including The Barfly, The Arches and Stereo. They also received some radio airplay on Beat 106. Defining their live sound was important to Sir Fred.
At the moment they are at Planet Groucho Studio's recording their new album. It looks set to be an energetic rock album featuring the likes of 'My Shoe Fell Off'. >>>Jeff Fro left the band in late 2004 to become a landscape gardener, he has since been replaced by the Mighty Tosh.
The above is from El Jugador's Garageband profile.

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