El Jugador

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland, United KingdomEl Jugador are a 4-piece alternative rock band with a cowboy punk edge. They formed in…

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My Shoe Fell Off 2009 - Album
From the Highlands of Scotland comes El Jugador. They are a four-piece alternative rock act with a twist of folk-hop,…



NartraRadioRoma May 06, 2010

PODCAST#30 www.nartraradioroma.blogspot.com 01_Guidance Counselor - bad love 02_Goto80 - spill 03_Vicnet - sms 04_JJM - nihilist 05_Vulvina et Jambonstar - phtysie 06_Mattress - Survive 07_Charlie Pickett - all love all gone 08_El Jugador - beer bottle blues 09_Diablo Swing Orchestra...