Dustdevil & Crow

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Dustdevil & Crow began playing together in 2009. The two individuals concerned - Michael Duane and bendle had each performed a quietly magical act to summon a musical partner by sending an album of "digital doowop" (entitled Tattered Tongues") out into the ether. Tattered Tongues was bendle's first musical venture for a long while, but some way back in time he had been a singer/guitarist/percussion player and clarinetist in The Late Music Group, The Liberated Sound Octet and various other groups including the 49 Americans and one incarnation of The Scratch Orchestra, although is only ever remembered as being a member of 1980's post punk band The Door and the Window.  Michael who's band DUSTdevils had ceased to exist & despite recording with Atlantic Drone & playing on the last Jackie-O Motherfucker lp, was intrigued by these ghosts of songs & began fitting in with them, being very careful not to destroy the magic... -Michael Duane