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 Dinowalrus (2 Albums, 12 Tracks)


  • Pete - voice, 6-string, 4-string, roland juno, drum machine programming, production, pots n' pans, knob twiddling.
  • Kyle - voice, 6-string, 4-string, knob twiddling, roland juno, mo' percussion, clarinet, engineering
  • Josh - trap kit, drum machine, 6-string
Dinowalrus is a three-person drum n' drone band out of Brooklyn, NY. Its current live incarnation began 2006, when Pete and Kyle met while simultaneously attempting to stalk Andrew WK at a To Live and Shave in LA show. As an experimental noise/glam recording project, it goes back to 2003. In an attempt to capture some of the spontaneity of their improvisational instincts, retain the complex spatiality of their recorded experiments, and transcend the limited sonic palette that plagues most three-piece bands, Dinowalrus re-invents their instrumentation with every song. Some tunes feature dueling Lee n’ Thurston guitar interplay between Pete
and Kyle, some feature Kyle frantically playing the bass, sampler and synthesizer simultaneously, and others revolve around Josh drumming toe-to-toe with a booty-licious electronic beat. The band relies heavily on the use of self-sustaining electronic devices to push its sound into cosmic brain-melting freakouts, lush atmospheric haze, and/or juvenile twee-skronk. These devices include an optical theremin, a sampler, and a 1983 Roland analogue synth named Marc Bolan. Their recordings are didactic experiments in infinite reverb, uber- and anti- "dance-ability", delay-treated xylophones, dime-store voice changers, deep-fried drum machines, pop-neo-orientalism, layered fuzz, and layered haircuts. (MySpace, 4/9/09)


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