One Point

Diamond Terrifier

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Released Jul 05, 2012
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This piece is part of a series that I call One Point. It's called that because I only play one note at a time for the most part. One Point refers to One Point awareness, which reminds me of a story. Someone once asked a famous monk and meditation teacher where he lived, to which he replied 'I live in the center of my awareness.' I think it was Tarthang Tulku. At any rate, that answer strikes me as playing into the notion of absolute truth. Like, the absolute truth is that you live in the center of your awareness because every other phenomenal event is actually an illusion, arising spontaneously and interdependently as a function of mind. From that point of view, the most accurate answer is that you live in the center of your awareness because everything else is an illusion. By the same token, it seems probable that the person asking the question was thinking more in terms of the illusory phenomenal world, relative truth, and wanted to know something more along the lines of, what street Tarthang lived on, or what city or town he lived in. Some times it's not clear whether a spiritual teacher is being deep, or just being an ass hole. That said, developing one point awareness is a worth while endeavor and it's hard as shit, and it's not always clear how it's going, and that reminds me of another story. Once the famous Zen teacher Suzuki Roshi walked out in front of an auditorium full of students in San Francisco and said 'You are all perfect just as you are... And you could use a little work.' Since it is unclear whether I am being deep, or just being an ass hole, I thought that'd be a good quote to end with. Enjoy the track!

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