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TraiTrioT by Di Kang

Album Description

Producer: Sasha Drumure / Scott Nydegger
Engineer: Sasha Drumure / Scott Nydegger
Biting jabs of aggressive & political lyrics & rhymes, over top a brutal yet precise production of metal percussion, sequenced machines, hand drums, trap sets, bass guitar, horns, winds, and an array of noise both nuanced and overwrought...... DI KANG. DI KANG (say "Dee" "Kong") means 'RESIST' in Mandarin..... "TraiTrioT" is about the surveillance abuses of post-9/11 imperialist North Amerikkka, the growing tyranny, and the rebellion on the streets, on the wires and screens, and in the minds of the many .........  and YOU SHOULD BLAST THIS SHIT, LIKE THEY DO IN THE FUTURE.


02. Di Kang - TraiTrioT 00:06:14

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