Xprmtal Short Wave Radio B-Side (Radius Edit)

Desh & Ekis

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Released 12/02/2013
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Xprmtal Short Wave Radio B-Side (Radius Edit) by Desh & Ekis is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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Site: Argantek Industrial State, AIII Motorway, km 23, MAD ESP.

A landscape of scrapheap hills, rusty heavy-duty machinery, abandoned building sites sheltering engine cults’ followers. A constant metallic buzzing interferes with encoded technical transmissions and radio spectrum “white spaces” while, high above, floats a chaos of frequencies.

Two short wave radio broadcasters establish contact through these airwaves, their dialogue sent back to the listeners of the area who are unaware of such free-form vibrations coming from their speakers.

XMITTER: Digikampradesh [D3SH] … nisutronics improvisations … registers and manipulates the incoming radio signals with a Zenith Transoceanic Royal State D7000Y radio and a third rate MP3 recorder … guitar hero drones … teletypes become robo clappers … oriental jammers taste their own medicine … a night flight across a storm …

RCVR: Ekis [X] … ArD2′s Left Brain … translates, remixes, and produces the output … all info waves are subject to be recast as drum patterns (easier to memorize) … pulses transformed into melodic lines … jammed stations back on air … strength signal amplified …

It all sounds like a polygonal reverb.

Instrumental No