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 Damiano Baldoni (4 Albums, 62 Tracks)


LOCATION:Rome, Italy
i was born in rome, 05/01/89. I started to study piano at 6, and i stopped to study at 12. In this last period, my parents gave me an electric piano(GEM SK880), with this piano i could play and record, then i started to make my first elementary composition. Whan
i was 13/14, i started to frequent some forum of music production and there i met some people that could help me to find some program to compose music with my pc, like Cubase,EastWest, Native Instruments program, and so on. I meet also some people that can teach me how i work with this instrument, and i went to follow their lessons about syntesis, mix and mastering. Next step was enjoy in a label,at 17 i started to work with an embrional label:"EmotiveSound" alias "Wolf". When i produced "immerse in the blue" the label prometed this track in an italian radio "M2o", one talent scout after listening this track , met me in a chat of M2O website and he proposed to me to work with him and his label. I accepted and i started to work with "SaifaM" label . There i produced only two track "Ixintes" and "Hearts" , and while SaifaM made my first vinyl, EmotiveSound push my track "Prophecy" on a compilation "trancemaster 5005". When i was 18, i leave from those label, and i start to compose soundtrack with "Max L. Studio". I composed soundtrack and make soundfx for some spot and event like, 3d Mapping projection at Padova in 2010, YSL logo motion in 2010, some spot, for eni and telepass. While i worked with Max l. studio, i worked also with a film maker trouppe: "tony bross production" with they i produced some soundtrack like: "epic fail", "sir of dusk" for some trailer that never be see the light.

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