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New York has been known as a haven for many different styles of music, birthing many others. In that vein comes the Brooklyn-based The Crevulators, inventors of the "swingin' alt-countrybilly" sound. Led by guitarist/songwriter Mike Cobb, The Crevulators, with their Southwestern flavored rockabilly music, have tied into the surprisingly strong New York country music scene and have been "crevulating" around the Metropolitan area for more than two years.The Crevulators name derives its inspiration from the Chevy Chase comedy Fletch. "It's a made up car part," Cobb told Earvolution. While conceding that the term probably isn't in the movie, Cobb explained that with Fletch-like sincerity that it's a perfectly good reason for being late. "Didn't make it there cause the crevulator broke." The Crevulators' origins are simple. When Cobb first came to New York, a friend got him together with Greg Hillje, who ultimately became The Crevulators' bassist. Despite a drummer situation that is currently in flux, The Crevulators have continued to expand, recently adding a horn duo, The Hornulators, to the core trio.
source: review by David Schultz of Earvolution [read more]

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