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All Of My Monkey by Coseyhead

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Mash, rice and peas, chopped coriander and chili pickle.  Coseyhead is Peter of wombnet/Womb Records, DJ and internet broadcaster (Eclectic Music For Mind & Bodhi). I'm uploading this one tune because Charlie Lewis played it on his last show of the season. I may be releasing a whole album later in the year...if I can get it produced to my satisfaction. I love mash ups, so a few years ago I got hold of a simple program and tried to make my own. I soon discovered just how difficult it is to do it well. Like many in the
WFMU community, I consider PLU to be the best, the queen of the genre. I even tried to remix a few of her tunes....unsuccessfully. It only served to increase my admiration for her work. This is the one, rather short , tune that I made that approached that sense of "Of course! Didn't it always sound like this?" I hope you think so too. Should you need to know...the vocal elements are all ol' blue eyes himself. The spoken cuts are him accepting an award for 'From Here To Eternity'. The original idea for combining these 2 tunes was my wife's, the artist formally known as Listen With Sarah. Go with dogs. Peter   This is/will be wombnet20 wombnet19, to be released shortly, will be'The Cashmere Jumper ep' by Seneca.



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