(e) If Only piano and morse code


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Released 04/06/2010
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Christmas 1956, I received a crystal radio.
A crystal radio is a very simple radio which was popular in the beginning days of radio. It doesn't need a power supply but works from the power of the radio signal itself. Mine had a hundred foot wire antenna strung between trees and a wire that went to a pipe in the ground. I listened to it through headphones.

The strongest regular signal was an amateur radio operator, W4JCV, who lived in the area and owned the local Radio-TV repair shop. He sometimes used Morse code to communicate. I didn't understand any of it but it was so musical. Later I learned code and would spend hours and hours shortwave radio listening.

Using Morse code in a composition is something I have wanted to do for years.
Morse code uses combinations of dots and dashes for letters.
“IF ONLY” looks like this .. ..-. --- -. .-.. -.--

My wife, Doreen, asks, “If only what?” I answer, “If only whatever.”

Cooper-Moore, Piano and Morse Code Translator.

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