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(e) If Only piano and morse code by Cooper-Moore

Album Description

[download track-by-track liner notes here] From Cooper-Moore:    Some of you know of my work from CD recordings: 50 Miles of Elbow Room, BLACK SAINT, HOPSCOTCH, AUM FIDELITY, CADENCE, BOXHOLDER, HATHUT, SHRUB MUSIC. But much of the music that I have produced over the years is not on CDs. Much was
created for Dance and Theater performances or as exercises for my own continual study and development. This compilation is not a complete one. Some of the music is lost, much is on cassette tapes and computer hard drives that I no longer am able to access. Some is of bad audio quality and not presentable. Some of the music is just too personal to present right now.There is great diversity of ideas on these recordings. It is the diversity that gave me the jolt to want to share them.I said to myself, "Cooper-Moore, do you hear that? Wow man, what were you thinking about when you wrote that?"So I am trying to answer that question. Clarifying queries, taking stock in past creations in order to gather up and move forward into the future, and looking at what's been on my palate these past 20 years, all seem to be what I am doing.In thinking "Retrospective," looking back, I first thought that it was something that I didn't want to do. "Look ahead," I kept saying to myself. But the realization came that it would be a good thing to delve a little into what I created in the past, into the when, the why and with whom. The voice kept speaking, "It will bring clarity to help you move forward." What have I learned? Small is Beautiful. "The Forest" stands alone and is complete. It needs nothing more. Less than one minute long it is one of the most beautiful things to come through me. I put it in my player and loop it over and over. I don't tire of it, but go deeper and deeper into my listening place and continue to be moved by its simplicity. The small form rules here. Tracks are from about one minute to three of four minutes. The improvised duos with Clayton Thomas in Set #3 go longer.  The in-concert recording of "A Lament for Trees" in Set #3 is also an exception.I possess many musical instruments that I have either bought, built or been given. The future, I hope, will bring more integration of all the voices from these instruments.   Cooper-Moore, March 2010 /////////////////////// Click on Track Name for individual track notes



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Christmas 1956, I received a crystal radio. A crystal radio is a very simple radio which was popular in the beginning days of radio. It doesn't need a power supply but works from the power of the radio signal itself. Mine had a hundred foot wire antenna strung between trees and a wire that went to a pipe in the ground. I listened to it through headphones. The strongest regular signal was an amateur radio operator, W4JCV, who lived in the area and owned the local Radio-TV repair shop. He sometimes used Morse code to communicate. I didn't understand any of it but it was so musical. Later I learned code and would spend hours and hours shortwave radio listening. Using Morse code in a composition is something I have wanted to do for years. Morse code uses combinations of dots and dashes for letters. “IF ONLY” looks like this .. ..-. --- -. .-.. -.-- My wife, Doreen, asks, “If only what?” I answer, “If only whatever.” Cooper-Moore, Piano and Morse Code Translator.
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