(d) Black Strap Sweet


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Released 04/06/2010
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My first instrument was the piano.
In 1974 I began building and taking seriously the playing of the instruments. But the instruments and piano have never come together, even though when I play my constructs they are always informed by my piano playing. This has been true also of my orchestral flute playing.
The example here is piano with mouth-bow. The mouth-bow has a microphone attached and is played though an effect which compresses, distorts and transposes the signal.
Each instrument is in its own place and is speaking its on language, and for me are complementary. I do understand that the process here is one of the integration of self.

The mouth-bow is one of the oldest, most primitive and simple musical instruments that humans have produced. Musical bows have been found all over the world wherever hunting bows have been found.
The piano is the most complicated acoustic instrument created by humans. Although the bow is now thought of as a weapon, it is not clear whether it was used in this way originally. Cave paintings in southern France dated to around 15,000 BCE, show a bow being used as a musical instrument, so this use certainly has a long history.

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