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Who We Are ( trailer rework ) by Coldnoise

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Producer: Coldnoise
    ,,Who We Are" no one knows. We live in a world full of emotions, emotions that affect us positively and negatively. In this album I wanted to prepare a mixture of soundtracks for you. There is a 12 songs on this album. The main instrument is the piano, because it is an instrument grace and beauty.  Special song is ,,Frozen" I did this song with my great friend Alexandre Guitraud (Wizard Music). This song is really powerfull. It mixes guitars with ligh melody and makes it nice soundtrack for your projects. Completely different is the remix for the song Change
The World by Controlled Collapse. I've done this remix for the competition, but I did not win it. This version is completely different than original. I started cooperation with member of Controlled Collapse band Wojciech Król on song for his new project. I have permission to use the remix in this album. So I hope you will enjoy it :) Thank you very much people who like this music, really appreciate it. It means a lot to me and, therefore, take this gift from me :) Cover by : Pavol Amenb Frnco



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