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Released May 15, 2014
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This EP is entirely made on the #Ableton #Push in #Live 9 .It is recorded from a few of my latest live shows and Jams and purely how I performed it. No extra editing no extra anything. This is my way of saying "THANK YOU!" to all the amazing people that support me in my journey since I started playing live. About this EP: With this ep I want to do quite a few things. I want to show and share my process in finding my live sound and figuring out how to get from the studio to the stage. I am sure this journey is not over yet and my sound will keep evolving as always but this feels like an important milestone to me and so I want to make it visible share it with the all of you. Because without you, there would have been no one to play for, no one to cheer me on, no one to party with and no one to keep me going. Thank you all folks! I also want to set a new standard for production quality with this. I have learned a lot over the last 18 months and that will from now on be audible in the tracks I put out. I might even go back and remix/master a few of my favorite tracks just so they can be up to the new standard. And I look forward to collaborate much more with other artist since it is such a great chance to gain new colors of sound and to take tow styles of sound ans create something completely new. I feel my past collaborations are definitely one of biggest contributions to my growth as an artist. But more than any of this I want to thank a bunch of people for providing me with some of the tools, the opportunities to play, the willingness to support and buy a track even if it is free, the hugs and kind words all artists need from rime to time, for being such great inspiration, motivation, friends and fellow artist. A super massive shout of gratitude out to #ableton (www.ableton.com) for make live 9 and the push which I dig to an inhuman extend. Also to the #propellerhead studios (www.propellerheads.se) for making reason my home DAW and always go to tool if nothing else works. To Itchy and the infectious (@itchy-and-the-infectious) for hosting such awesome events and being great friends and musicians. To carpenters keys (@carpenterskeys) and wizard of (@wizardof) for letting me crash their couch after gigs and being amazing guides to find out about things here in Canada and just super fun people to hang out with. To mog iuxta (@mog-iuxta) for helping me with the decisions to put this out and for being and outstanding producer himself and my oldest friend. To my wife (karineglinton.com) for being my muse and the best woman in the world. And I think every other artist knows what a blessing it is to have a partner that supports your art. To my brother(@felix-oswald-1) for costant feedback and support and never ending source of laughter and motivation he is. To rh +/- (@rhplusminus) for rocking the stage with me and being the first duo I met in a long time that really surprised, impressed and inspired me all at the same time. To Khouse (@khouse) for being such a friendly and approachable and helpfull dude and for rocking beats no matter what happens. To spookyfish (@sp00kyfish) for being the first artist I ever saw live in Canada and ruleing like nobody's uncle. And of course to all of my fans, listeners, homeslices, followers, helpers, fellow artists and music lovers. Without you it wouldn't be half as wonderful in this music world of mine. I hope that with this EP I can give something back to all of you for you never ending support, love and friendship. I also hope that it helps raising some money so I can keep going for more shows, get some better gear and replace some things that broke on the road. And of course spend more time making music. So please share this with all your friends and tell everyone about it. Download for any price you see fit or even for free (cloudjumper.bandcamp.com/album/push-it-live-ep). Post it on Walls! Burn it on a CD for your girlfriend! Remix it! (you can ask me if you want the stems) Keep up the love folks ! And if you want me to play in your town let me know about it. Cheers, #Cloudjumper