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 Cloudjumper (4 Albums, 24 Tracks)


LOCATION:Hamburg, Germany
  • Merlin Györy
Hi. I'm Cloudjumper. I am a huge nerd. And a sound alchemist. I live for mixing styles and sounds, playing with conventions. Using sound and music, I create and stimulate feelings. I want to make you laugh, cry, jump, bang your head, get lost in dreams, clear your mind, change your life. I believe that, in working for movies, games, the arts and the "indies", I am giving back to the world (on top of that, I do it because I enjoy it so much). The modern media are such an integral part of my life. I spend a lot
of time watching films or playing games. It inspires me, helps me relax, makes me laugh and lets me dream. How I could not be involved? Why is my music Free and creative commons? I love the concept of artwork being used by other artists to create new amazing artwork. I want my creations to be part of the artworks of others. And I want to contribute to the pool of free, quality resources for all the creators out there. That's why most of the music I create is licensed under a creative commons license (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) and is available to anyone for Free. It's available on Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify & Free Music Archive. Because supporting creativity is worth more to me and the licence still gives me credit and makes sure nobody makes millions with my music without giving me a share. I don't mind people paying for my music at all. And I do sell commercial Licenses for it. But if you don't make money with it, you don't have give me money for it. Bio Born: August 1986 From my first day on this Earth, my life has been filled with music. Being the son of a music producer/musician and a dance therapist, it's not surprising that I have no memory of ever *not* being surrounded by music of all kinds.  I gained a wealth of knowledge from a childhood spent with my father- whether in his studios, on tour or on stage. I spent most of my teenage years playing in several bands and discovering the amazing universe of electronic music. There were many sleepless nights at my computer, in which the internet, my music software, games and instruments were my best friends. Then came the turning point. I was 19 and living in Berlin. I worked as a barkeeper in a few clubs, and was organizing my own events. I DJ'd here and there. Music was my biggest hobby and a source of side income. Electronic music, however, was hardly ever performed live at the time. Being a DJ felt limiting - not creative enough for me- but I couldn’t really come up with something better. One night, I found myself paying more attention to the music of a game I was playing, than to the actual game. And that’s when the critical thought struck me. This was what I wanted to create. That was when I began pursuing composition and sound design. I worked on as many small projects as I dared while still in university. Early 2012 I decided to launch  myself full-time into my dream. I have been composing, making music and teaching professionally since then. Technology came along as well: new ways of performing electronic music live were available, which I incorporated into my repertoire. I had missed being onstage and was glad to find a way back. And when I'm not in the studio? I pursue my passion for Parkour and martial arts. It feels good to take my body for a spin now and then, plus it gets my creativity going. I make sure to find time for my friends, gaming, movies, my family and my lovely wife. They are the honey in my tea.

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