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Jedva Cekam da Nedelja Dodje by Chips and Salsa

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Heather Faye Kahn
Heather Faye Kahn
WFMU and the Free Music Archive challeged artists everywhere to create new recordings and contemporary arrangements of historic compositions available in the public domain. It's our first Revitalize Music Contest.   To inspire entries, we handpicked a selection of out-of-copyright songs with compelling lyrics, beautiful melodies, and unusual stories. Keep in mind that unless materials are listed in our contest repository here below, the recordings of performances of these songs are still within the scope of copyright.   Any questions? Drop us a line.


Track Info

Chips and Salsa are Chris Carlone from NYC and Rita Braga from Lisbon, teaming up on a musical and all-kinds-of-magic duet. They meet once or twice a year to perform together since 2008.
"Jedva Cekam da Nedelja Dodje" is an old Serbian folk song, author unknown.
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Jedva Cekam da Nedelja Dodje by Chips and Salsa is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.