Chan Wai Fat

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Chan Wai Fat is a musician from Hong Kong. He is a self-taught musician in his early year. In 1987 he formed Syulyu with Sway (vocal), Christine (guitar), Terrino (bass and guitar), dai-bao (drums). They performed several original songs in the Hong Kong No-Nuke Festival. After Syulyu disbanded Chan join shortly to the rock fusion band "Avis". In 1991, he started playing guitar and bass with The Box. 1992, he staged his first theatrical music performance as a leader, with guest artists Kung-Chi-Sing and Peter Suart from The Box, Sway from ex-Syulyu, Wilson Tsang and Terry Chui from Terricon. 1993, he performed with Peter Suart, John Lee, Sway and Julia Mok in the Unplugged Concert in Shatin Town Hall. In the same year, he shared a four part performance named October with Peter Suart, John Lee and Nelson Hiu; He also performed a solo performance for the opening and closing of Hong Kong Art Festival. 1994 he became more interested in totally free improvisation. He formed C.I.M.G.(Collective Improvisation Music Group) with Peter Suart, Nelson Hiu, Ling Lee, John Lee, Peter Sherr and Simon Hui. With this group he performed for the Hong Kong Art Festival; At the same time, he formed another high energy free-noise-rock group "Little Red Truck". In April, this group played several concerts with The John Zorn and Yamatsuka Eye Duo in Hong kong, Shanzhen and GhaungZhou. 1995 Chan curated the Music Lab programmes of Festival Now. 1996 Formed Yihk with Nelson Hiu and Ling Lee. Released debute solo CD "Hardly Breathing" and Yihk's "Inside The Bubbles, Looking Out". touring with Yihk in Taipei and Tokyo. Invite Fred Frith, Chris Cutler and Otomo Yoshihide to take part in The October '96 New Music Festival. 1997 Performed solo and with Yihk in Berlin, Enrolled the Music Department of Hong Kong University. Became a guitar teacher in The Warehouse youth center. 1998 Performed solo conerts and improvisation with dancer Hisako Horisawa in Tokyo and the Macau Jazz Club. 2000 After graduating from the University of Hong Kong, he became a part time music teacher and freelance composer. Occasionally taking part in small alternative artistic events. 2004 He gave up teaching and focused on music production. He is now a music composer, mainly composes music for theater performances.
source: Ching Fat Project