Chan Wai Fat

Chan Wai Fat is a musician from Hong Kong. He is a self-taught musician in his early year. In 1987…

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Children of Soul Mountain (original soundtrack) 2010 - Album
Chan Wai Fat composed this original soundtrack for the play CHILDREN OF THE SOUL MOUNTAIN (LING SHAN) inspired by the…


mxgnrtnx02 Sep 30, 2017

I used "Dream" in a garden time-lapse video. I of course gave credit and provided links to this page.

douglasawh Jun 13, 2017

Would love to get you on my podcast for an interview. Please see for details.

ninjabeats Jan 29, 2016

amazing songs

dbrighouse May 10, 2012

Thank you for your lovely tracks. I hope it's ok for me to use one as the soundtrack to one of the videos that I'm making for my Master's in Fine Art - you can see some examples on my...