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Trek by Chad Crouch

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For new music, follow on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube. For answers to questions like What is non-commercial?, How do I use your music on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram? please see my FAQ.   The name Odyssey was given to two products in 1972: The first home console video game system
from Magnavox and an analog synthesizer from ARP Instruments .  The revolutionary spirit of both of those products were touchstones for this namesake album from Portland composer / producer Chad Crouch.  For starters, the dirty ARP synth sound is pervasive through the song cycle, but like the product design for the original Odyssey video game console—a blend of woodgrain with black and white molded plastic—synthetic and organic sounds play off each other in an eclectic 1970’s fashion.  Old and new instruments interweave with a laissez faire, bohemian aesthetic. The entirely instrumental arrangements also feature the warm percussive sounds of the Rhythm Ace and Mini Pops drum machines of the same era.  Bubbly, percolating tempos are juxtaposed against classical piano melodies with celeste and pizzicato string flourishes.  “Odyssey” is recommended for fans of Air, OMD, and Kraftwerk.



11. Chad Crouch - Trek 00:03:06

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