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 Chad Crouch (25 Albums, 212 Tracks)


LOCATION:Portland, Oregon
  • Chad Crouch
For a commercial license visit To use on YouTube, FB & Instagram please see my FAQ. Follow on Spotify | Instagram | YouTube. Stream on Spotify | Apple | Soundcloud. For two decades Crouch helmed the HUSH Records label, helping to
launch the careers of The Decemberists, Peter Broderick, Loch Lomond, Laura Gibson, and many others. While handling the day-to-day operations of HUSH, Crouch was also churning out his own instrumental music under the pseudonym "Podington Bear". 2017 was a watershed year for Crouch. His father died, he upended his work life, and he finally pulled the plug on the moniker that grew increasingly irrelevant. (“Podington Bear” was a reference to podcasting, the original distribution method for his music.) In many ways 2018 represents a complete restart for Crouch, so getting back to the essence of songwriting seemed both appropriate and essential. "Birds of Oaks Bottom: Piano Solos" is recommended for fans of Dustin O’Halloran, Goldmund, Peter Broderick, and Nils Frahm.

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Arps II
01. Chad Crouch - Space 00:03:14
02. Chad Crouch - Big Dream 00:02:39
03. Chad Crouch - Systems 00:03:16
04. Chad Crouch - Buoancy 00:02:21
05. Chad Crouch - Imprinter 00:02:51
06. Chad Crouch - Risers 00:02:16
07. Chad Crouch - Action 00:02:38